Jeeqs is a collaborative problem solving platform where Jeeqsers submit and review solutions for challenges.
It is powered by the Google App Engine and lives on github

How to use Jeeqs ?

  1. Submit solution
    Pick one of the challenges you like and submit a solution for it.

  2. Wait for reviews
    Your submission will be reviewed by other Jeeqsers who have solved this challenge. If you don't have enough positive reviews, re-submit a correct solution.

  3. Review other solutions (Jeeqs Out)
    Once your submission to a challenge has been reviewed as successful, you can review other solutions for that challenge.


  • Contribution
    You need to review some solutions before you can submit further solutions.

  • No Spams!
    A post that is flagged by a few users will be removed. A Jeeqser's account will be suspended if a few of his/her posts are remove because of flagging.